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Week 10 - Week 11 : Engineer in the Making

Week 10 - Week 11 : What GOD intended for u Goes Far Beyond anything u can IMAGINE!

1 -> deal/nego with Coodinator & Buyer-- everything regarding to the product exp:service order, MIV, Component product, etc....
2 -> ( meting) update/date line/target kerja by coodinator, raise issues@Problm---cordinator engineer present in front of Big Bos
3 -> Check procedure /Testing/assembly equipment- any diff from previous test...highlight to coodinator if the problem cannot be solved

Proceed with the barcode System..really crack my head

4 -> make sure test equipment/fixture are ready/ in perfect shape.b4 performing our work-- or
else someone will get injured
5 -> check test fixture,built new test equip get advise from designer in “FMC Korsberg/houston “
6 -> deal with outside vendor to make sure the test area is followed requirement
7 -> present quotation dgn design sblom dpt approval frm SV and assembly manager
8 -> monitor/Create Job safety/LWI- pastikan everythin is safe and followed schedule; date line

---- really excited when involving in process
---- support my Engineer: she's now training at FMC singapore > 3 months. take over some of her task as Ucon assembly engineer..
---- eager to learn more from assembly part..a lot actually
---- Take note for Mechanical Student who would become Future Assembly Engineer..:
" These are also part of your Job Scope" said one of wellhead assembly engineer based on his real exp..

2 hectic weeks..hope i can maintain this momentum.


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