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SABAR sayang

.so pity.

i know sayang...we are in uncomfortable place..
fellow didn't allow us to be happy together in new room..
nothing much i can do to make u happy...only pray to god , there would be an empty room for us...hoping we could get in v5f or v4b s3..or else ,we would suffer for the rest of this semester stay 3 person in one room...with only 2 internet port..
and you know what sayang...,this is all because of...


take note sayang..this is new word Ive learn pas few days..
not because i hate #RCSUsegalafuck( a new word again)
but why,why they just throw me like a garbage...
and now, you easily get temper, and promptly shut your body down...
dear sayang,hope u can stand with this situation for a while till i get the solution ,myb 2morrow or this monday...

****..sorry and sorry
i didn't update my blog for a long time..( and i notice some of the reader unfollow or unsubscribe my blog..nah it's all up to them..nevermind)
i was planning to finish my comic and post it on month of january
but then...ive got musibah this semester
no room,no mattress ,no table for me to study, to draw or even no place to put my clothes..
and i dunno what would happen to me this semester...hope all is going well..and hope i get used to it quickly...
and myb i would update my blog regularly nex month..hope so..

SILA2 lah rajinkan diri menderma ke tabung surau dibawah nie
surau nie terletak di TAMAN Universiti dekat dgn UITM SERI ISKandar Tronoh PERAK...
insyaallah anda semua menerima kebaikan dgn sumbangan yg anda berikan
x kira sumbagan duit wang, barang2 atau DOA lepas solat fardhu atau solat sunat,
yg pastinya jika utk kebaikan dan kegunaan umat islam...Insyaallah pahala akan diberikan walaup0n kita meninggalkan dunia fatamorgana ini( betul ke ayat aku)
gambar diambil[28/2/2012] sory lupa lak nk amek pic sekeliling surau nie
utk lebih keterangan lanjut..sila hubungi no tel pakcik kt banner tu utk kepastian..

akaun bank islam
surau bistari