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Pre-intern #day 1 and 2 :

Pre-intern : Company sheet Metal Piling(OSW )
Report for duty : 21st September 2011

summary Day 1: punggung sakit --

summary day 2 : Muntah

- As Quality assurance and Quality Control engineer[ QC & QA engineer ]
-check-defect of the OT, OZ and Omega sheet metal----burr, loose strip, stretch,bend
- NDT= cracking test ...if pas then can be joint with other scrap metal, if not...mark as NG(red colour)
- heat no and Coil no are mandatory details for coil--
-important note for the whole production in oriental: ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 / ISO 9001
- new code for QC documentation
- mr yaw and mr yong?
- production supervisor bergaduh?...marah betul die tdi...
-dapat meja, byk konspirasi dlm company, ade dak intern Hr cun giler...
-muntah biskut kering...= kopi+ air sejuk +biskut+ perut kosong
- bontot sakit = duduk menunggu lama sgt...
- sabtu dgn ahad Family day with company----SIGH##

my company produce this kind of sheet metal...
and the bending, rolling and stamping machine to produce this sheet metal is very big dowh!....
pretty awesome dude...~!
and my job is really hard as i need to makesure the dimension is precise and accurate follow the dimension given by British Standard(BS)...dah la besar + byk..penat siot!

even if dimension deviate as much as 3mm( for particular shape), its consider as reject metal..and i need to setup back the giant fucking machine inside the production room
olso need to carry out many test [ tensile test, charphy, straightness, NDT, spot weld] to detect the defect and make sure the dimension is accurate.. many task to do only to produce a good quality sheet metal!


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