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have you heard that a song that can brings your previous memories.

a song that can brings your previous memories.

a good song in bahasa + malay trandisional song..
it's not an easy task..
but Butterfingger capable to achieve as one of "lagend +best malay song" in this world, i can say that....they are not an ordinary band....with their arrangement and talented musician..'s kind of different kind from other band..
still loving this band..i listened to this band since i was in primary school,no! i think earlier than that..i was about 7 yrs old at that time when my older brother play buter's song every weekend.......

it's quite lame talking about butterfinger. later when someone read this..probabaly would  say:..
" budak ni baru nk up pe..citer psl buter.dah bukan zaman dia la..grow up la bro..."
yeah i know buterfingers is not exist now, even their teamates have formed new project band called monoloque..with new fresh with different kind of distortion..still smells good.
but my point is everyone who loves music will have 1 or 2 songs that will remind their old life..
and for me , buterfingers, radiohead and greeenday is like a storage system that serves my old memories with different old smell...that's why i called this post " Lagu and Bau"

Radiohead ..another band that keep playng their game at high level..
if they come to malaysia to perfom in a concert, the price would up to 500 ringit...i guess

evertime i listen to buter and radiohead's song, my mind floating to another place ,
 place where i could play the guitar,with my band which i think one of them are, my mentor, Faris Grunger play lead-guitar,bass played by damakian.. drum hrmm i dunno, someone who have long hair and can head bang'in while play his part..probabaly a girl..
i dunno why lately i fantasize a girl as drummer..

" You know when you're lucky.When you're in a band " ~~ suddenly_butterfingers..

you are wasted your life if every single things that u do are not related with your god..
yup..i start to think about my religious, or to be exact "my iman"..
long time ago, i asked my brother to bring my yamaha keyboard for entertainment, but he refused to..
answer that i ve got is same like my mother's words..

" tahjud dan sulat sunnat tu hiburan utk orang muslim"

so below are the good music that we should sing together...
it;s about the meaning of AL fatihah..cute song. kudos to ummi


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