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i's quite a long time i didn't posting in here..
busy? ngeh! i'm just lazy to open my blog same goes with my Facebook...
..if u notice, most of my post i'll attach with my artwork or others artwork..
No new artwork, mean there will be no new posting..

lately, I've been working to finish any of my old artworks..
when i look back to my old files, really wow, ..i didnt realize that my old file full of abondoned sketches..

i try to lend my time for sake of my hobby..
but then "time" is really going so fast..
little time ,but got many work need to be done.........
only few of my sketches i mange to settle it b4 i comeback to utp..
hope u all will enjoy this fucking-loser artwork!.....keh2

0ne of my artwork..DONE!

this is real,( im not a subject)
who? "ada la"..wakaka

Psst::got many artworks but save for the next post..hehe..


farasakura said...

HAHA macam kenai je XD

Arkzamdarkdeng said...

farasakura>> haha..kenal?? shhhhh! jgn dibongkarkan rahsia..keh2

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