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it's time to learn......

we living in a world full of wow
how great the creator..
..each motion in this world...each particle move's a wonderful life..
but how many eyes are the wonder of this life..
then i realized.Looking back all these year..too much regrets..
turn my life into such a living i suffered from pain n tears
to all my sins...

mid sem-break a.k.a cuti raya is over
it's time to squeeze my brain for my upcoming solid mechanics test..
(sentuh buku solid pon belum lagi..apeciter??)
insyaallah i'll do my best..
for's just a game..
a game from "Dunia"..

i'm leavin my big little town tomorrow night--18/9/2010..
already packed up all my stuffs..~sigh penat
plez pray 4 my safe journey
and..thankz to everyone who came to my house....

some pics from raya session:

best giler pakcik sedara aku buka studio depan kg..

*utk dijual...

* promosi jualan pelbagai package dodol utk pelbagai function..


KiN said...

nice drawing...

arkzamdarkdeng said...

kin>> thankz 4 ur comment..

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