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my life after internship

it have been so long i didn't post inside here,
hrmm..not actually i felt the blogging thing wasting my time,( although sometimes i was thinking that way)
but i think for this time , it's not necessary for me to post any material,artwork like what i did in years of 2010 and very active in expressing my idea inside this blog.( during that time people say "  orng baru nk up blogging la" ) Crazy blogging like a hell.!
frankly speaking, i have alot of idea and i have done half of it especially my islamic artwork which i think will benefit the society, but again, i have many personal things that need to settle first before  going back to my collegue by next week( 14 January) which the day that i will become a FINAL YEAR STUDENT in UTP.  Which means, i would make minimum blogging as i could and focus more on my final year project.. sorry to say then.. put a  big frame on my memory , what i had learnt so far during my internship training, i need to jot down everything.  But i feel that writing on the paper is not my choice in the moment. So i just bubbling mubbling and diddling inside here and yeah, i can picture it if i read this post again, and again..

but wait a second, why im typing in Fucking English language! weirdo isn't?
 im really not a good writer. i never got "A"s in any exam for English subject except for big exam( PMR @ SPM - which i think it's fake and not coming from my own knowledge)
but gi mampus ler! this piece of crap have nothing to do with people outside there..
and my blog is not famous as gegirl-gegirl and boboy who putting their ducking face inside their nothing to worry with.

Ok back to the topic

internship in FMC for 7 Months really had taught me many different skill in term of communication, arguing and making decision..
honestly speaking, i didn't apply any single theory/ knowledge during my 3 years studies in UTP. This oil n gas industry is very newww to me..
What i used along my internship is just a little knowledge that i have when i organized the event or , communicate with the society ( in my case are my colleuges).

i was attached to the department of Global Supply Assembly- under Mr. Ng Kian Shing.
This department basically involved in Assembly and Testing Process. These 2 critical process sometimes cracking engineer's head as you know, Oil n Gas industry really stressed on the quality and delivery time.. try imagine if one big of wellhead( tpt nk bawa kluar minyak dlm dasar laut)
has already install under the sea bed. ( price up to a million depend on the geograpic) and then noticed that it has a defect.. to pull it out , would cost half of the price. who's gonna  pay for it?..
that is for " quality " a bout the delivery..

usually, Client ( Petronas/ Shell) will negotiate with manufacturer ( FMC/Haliburton/Cameroon)
about the design and delivery time..client will put win-win situation. if manufacturer got the project tender, they need to deliver the component with good quality and on time delivery, if the thing arrive quite late, the manufacturer need to bear the cost and pay compensation..why client doing like this?
to accomplish one project( depend on the scale which need to have all component..not only the wellhead itself) take more than 1 year...before the client order the component from manufaturer, they need to do one process which is EXPLORATION process.. and it cost a lot of money..worth it if they find the oil well..if not, they need to bear the cost( workers's salary).. the dealing process with manufacturer started when they find the oil well,  to avoid loses more money to unnecessary things, they calculate all the cost needed and make a deal ( win-win situation) to the that the client can get the profit as soon as possible and cover back their losses of money and time..  this is for "delivery" analogy..

In my opinion, for country like Malaysia, good salary usually coming from Oil n Gas Industry..
We do not have a strong industry like Euro country/ Japan/ korea. They have other strong industry   such as Automative, aerospace, you name it.
Luckly we have  Petronas who gave 30% to Goverment KDNK. They give malaysia aliving in prosperity.

close that basic info..

now go to the people( that i can remember right now) who taught me the way to get a better communication.

My supervisor - always calm, to ask someone to do one assignment, explain to them what prpose and why they need as well as consequences to department if the assignment not completed..sometimes we need to sacrifice our time and our own salive to convince not just ask this and that and not specify how,when and why...he keep reminds me( not literally).. management provide facilities and organize the way to perform job..and technician is people who doing the the management have to provide the most comfortable places to the technician so that they can perform their job very well.

leader ucon - will nod many times when someone try to express/ telling their felling ( make the speaker feel comfortable)

 engineer - " sorry i'm just asking " very powerful word to know some information in a manner of speaking..

tecnician - say directly if your job really is not under your jobscope

situation me/leader/tecnician ( defamation ) - try use the word "sorry i'm just asking" to dig up the information , never sit down quietly and doing nothing , discuss with them why and how did it happen..else it will end up like me..SHiT!
luckily im clearing back my name before end of my internship..

 situation with vendor - the way to decline the tender in a very good manner..

the way to follow up.. the way to ask why and clarify when it would accomplishe..


i can say that i had given 100% my commitment to my job and assignment..
untill at the certain time , i forget to do documentation of my intership training..
and thus made me crazy for 1 week to finish it..
luckilyi did not accept the offer to extend my internship training..

people here are so kind
before my last day,
my engineer spent their time and money for me..
i still remember my first time lunch at BLACK CANYON with my Department at Jusco Bukit Indah, Have a dinner at NANDO City Square with Lam Rapahel (engineer ). Watched Hobbit Movie with him.
i still remember the way ryan( Engineer) gave me sourvnir from Jakarta..i put on my table.. and leaved it there..
i Still remember the moment i got the wist watch from AJIB ( Gate valve Leader)
i Still remember voices from Tiong Swee Ling ( Engineer) and the way she walking together with me to buy  me a new spectacles at Sutera mall. She advice me to get a girlfriend before graduation or else i will hard to get married before age of 30's.
 i still remember when i deliver my caricature of Pojie and Sham to both of these guys.
 i still remember playing futsal together with the technician and got the 2nd place medal for futsal tournament.
i still remember pillow talk with Lam, Malik( supervisor welder for global) about the history of Global FMC..
i still remember had a pillow talk with Tiong along the way to sutera mall.

i still remember vividly in my mine..
keep frame in my mind.

THANKS  A Lot BRO n SiS sekalian!


The Best Memories in 2012...



KonspiMaker said...

Wah engineer.Saya masih belajar lagi.

Anonymous said...

you're very lucky then, alhamdulillah.

Gee said...

when u become an engineer, plis be like them to the interns. hehe.

Arkzamdarkdeng said...

KonspiMaker >> blum jadi engineer lagi...kita sma level masih belajar...

Anonymous >> syukur..

Gee >> insyaallah..

zaim zakwan mohamad said... bakal intern dkt fmc far mxm mne ye..?

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